we all live in a metropolitan area or busy /crowded city with our families, so sometimes we need to go out, for example, to go downstairs to buy vegetables or something we need to buy some household items or anything we need, but sometimes we forget to bring our room keys.so we call or knock at the door to come and open.

a fingerprint sensor is high-tech security devices that enable you to use your fingerprint, as well, on business and residential doors (Source). It’s a great solution if you discover yourself frequently locked out of your home, or if you only dislike carrying keys in your pocket all day.\


  • The technology of the lock:- is the lock is pure digital, a sensor lock is good for securities.
  • STRENGHT:-next important factor would be the strength of a fingerprint lock. how strong is it against any force or can it without any sort of drilling equipment
  • UNLOCKING MECHANISM:-it is purely user experience-dependent.fingerprint sensor lock majorly is available in password, biometric.

whichever fits your security level needs you can pick.

fingerprint sensor

some major functions of fingerprint sensor :

  • compatibility: Doors, bags, luggage, warehouse, cabinet, etc.
  • function: fingerprint lock
  • your finger is your key.
  • it is weatherproof,ip65 waterproof.
  • it is premium quality and compact design.
  • it is portable size, long time usage.
  • it covers 10 groups fingerprint.

USB recharge with the features of lower power & long standby time ,300MAH lithium battery can support one month standby time and can opened up to 2500 times.

you can buy this from here.

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