spy pen

spy pen is a normal pen with a hidden digital camera inside it, which allows for secret video to be taken, often holding the pen in a shirt pocket or handheld.

Many people use them for tasks when video-proof can be helpful such as delivery or secret shopping. Many people find it useful for personal safety when entering a dangerous area. They are useful tools for interviewing, both to record them and to gain insight on their own interviewing skills. Victims of harassment often find that it is difficult to prove their case without video and that the detective pen provides the ideal tool to get justice.

single click on the end of the spy pen powers the camera and starts recording. A single button pauses the recording, and long-press the button will turn it off. This type of pen often comes in different resolutions, 720p, 1080p.


  • spy camera pen comes with audio hidden recording.
  • it has an HD sound clarity pen camera with an sd card.
  • it also includes electronic usage.
  • it has 1 mp camera with Li-thion180 mah high capacity rechargeable battery.
  • it supports micro sd up to 32 GB.
  • it has 5v DC charging support.
  • it usages data USB extension cable.
  • pc/mac is best suitable for a long life of spy pen.
  • it provides a quality HD sound.

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