mini wifi camera

mini wifi camera protects your home, office, shop, etc.. from unauthorized one will able to enter your places. whenever any person any motion is detected, the mini wifi camera will send alerts on the user’s email or send it to the phone application with a pic of the person entered in the house, office, etc.

mini Wifi Camera

spying on someone? it may be for work, personal issues. any reason, make sure you are completely prepared for this. ALL of the gadgets & tools available here.

  • it is used for recording people or surroundings of the office, shop, home, etc… without their knowledge.
  • live video, monitor home anywhere, anytime…

Are you worried about the security/safety of your home and family?


  • it is used to view the live video of our home, office, shop, school, collages & talk to family members anytime on your phone or pc.



  • Sales Package: CAMERA, ACCESSORIES
  • Camera Type: CCTV
  • Video Output: USB.
  • Video Recording Resolution:1080X740.
  • High Definition:720P(HD).
  • Style:Box Camera.

Simple Three Setups:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Support IOS/Android/Windows devices for remote view.
  • Control your camera just by finger’s sliding on the screen

Night Vision

  • Built-in IR LEDs will activate automatically in low light. Day and Night Surveillance, when the monitor detects.


  • Complete wireless & wifi-solution for reliable DIY installation.
  • it is just attached to the camera with a power plug.
  • install an application on the phone.
  • now the camera is ready to use.
  • using of application camera can be rotated in horizontal & vertically.

No need of multiple installation of CCTV camera in all direction.


For additional reliability and secure the camera can record images/videos on SD card, FTP, cloud server & email.

  • it access all recording from anywhere in the world with only one touch in your phone app .
  • these camera recording functions keep all the photos & videos safe.

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