In our daily life, all school/college going students are worried about giving tests or exams.they need some techniques or exam cheating gadgets to pass tests or exams without any tension.

SO, here are some exam cheating gadgets that are presented for our school/college friends who are excited about knowing such kind of techniques and gadgets.

1. Rolling paper pen/ cheating pen.

The rolling paper pen looks like any other normal pen, but there is a clip on one side that you can drag and extend, turning your pen into the best place to hide your notes. Shiny paper inside the pen makes it easy to stick your notes and remove them for the next usage.

Releasing the clip will automatically roll the paper, so you’ve got to not worry, holding the glossy paper inside the pen makes it easier to stay your notes and take away them for subsequent use. Now you can write your test with confidence and continue it.

A revolutionary way to improve your exam/interview results
CHEAT PEN has a smartly designed plastic sleeve to hide up to half a page A4 written in font size 12 and reduce the size to 4

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2. Invisible watch /invisible screen watch

Only you can see the content on your watch, use special screens and special glasses, glasses are included in the package.
The company created a new generation of invisible screens on watches, making it appear dark as if the clock is off, so no one will notice you.

Making this invisible watch work :

If you want to use the watch, you can wear it.
With the text auto-scrolling function, you are do not need to touch your watch. This causes you to less skeptical and easier to believe in writing answers.

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3. Invisible pen/UV pen with invisible ink

Invisible ink pens are very popular with people, which can be a lot of fun.

You can make secret spy messages together with your friends. The pen can also be widely used. A new thanks to safely hide your formulas and notes during exams

The ink is invisible after you type it until you light the cap black light to fully see the secret message. Your messages can be written on paper, metal, plastic, T-shirt, or skin. Your secret message written with this pen will be invisible to the naked eye – it can only be seen with UV light.

All you have to do is grab your pen and start writing your notes on paper.
At first, you will not be able to see what you have written, but then, magic happens! To see what you have written, simply press the pen and the UV light (positioned at the top of the pen) button will reveal all your notes! Easy as that!

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4. Eraser Bluetooth spy earpiece

Eraser Bluetooth spy earpiece
(exam cheating gadgets)

This is a special tool designed to help you in situations that may even make an impact.
On your life or future career. No one will notice that you are getting help.

Nobody even noticed that someone is telling you anything through the invisible Spy earing. You see, everything is very simple.

Multi-function key and microphone on an eraser, easy to work, wireless connection to the earpiece. Hands-free cell phone communication

HOW it is work

Press the function key for 3 seconds, Bluetooth is open, and while the indicator light is still and blue, it means that the Bluetooth eraser is working

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5. Scientific cheating calculator

Scientific cheating calculator
(exam cheating gadgets)

At first glance it looks like a normal calculator, but take a look and you will find some great and useful functions.
This scientific calculator has different software from other calculators that allows you to connect to mobile phones and other scientific calculators! Getting answers is never easy!

This calculator is one of the best and most powerful tools to pass the exam.

Getting answers and passing exams has never been easier with scientific calculator live chat.

The calculator has an internet connection – you can use Google search to find answers to questions!

The calculator displays text in 4 lines. It has both manual and auto-text scrolling.

The calculator supports text files and you can save your text documents and answers on the calculator.
The emergency button protects you! If anyone starts having doubts, just press the emergency button and the calculator will immediately exit chat mode and display the number like a simple calculator. Of course, you can go back to chat mode at any time.

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6. Zero I cap

Zero I cap
(exam cheating gadgets)

The ZEROi is a cap with four built-in bone conduction speakers. With this technology, you can listen to music or make phone calls, without earphones, without knowing your surroundings.

  • it is water resistance.
  • easy to use this cap
  • cool and normal looking cap.

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