It is wrong to cheat. However, there is a bright side to everything. After all, creating an exam cheating notes is essentially the same as making study notes, and once you make the notes, students need to exam cheating, you’re already halfway over. ; This is a commonly known school tip and trick.

FIRST OFF ALL, this is only for knowledge purposes or entertainment. Do not misuse these exam cheating gadgets.

1.Vue Glass.

  • It provides you handsfree phone calls.
  • it also helps you stay connected with the people you connected.
  • it is also captured all-day activity like calories, steps.

it stands 3-day battery which is Enjoy up to 5 hours of the continuous audio or up to 3 days of standby time.

Bone conduction audio technology transfers stereo sound to your inner ear without the use of earbuds. Your ears remain unplugged, so you can listen to music from your glasses, answer calls, and hear all the notifications from your glasses despite being able to hear the world around you.

how to Charge?
Pop the glasses into the portable charging case to give your glasses a boost.

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2. Xenxo- the worlds smartest ring

cheating exam
Xenxo- the worlds smartest ring
(exam cheating gadgets)

The list of exam cheatings you can use the xenxo ring as the phone speaker and microphone. It also acts as a music player controller with Bluetooth connected smartphones. The ring packs up to 4GB of data storage via the USB interface, which doubles for charging. Xenxo also has NFC functionality for payment features, vibration alarms, panic buttons, Bluetooth-based access cards for smart locks, and sensors for fitness tracking.

The xenxo-Ring also has Bluetooth calling feature allowing you to leave the mobile phone from your pocket and still take that important call using the ring.

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3.Spy Pen

spy pen
Spy pen
(exam cheating gadgets)

another exam cheating. Simply put, a spy pen is a normal pen with a hidden digital camera inside it, which allows for secret video to be taken, often holding the pen in a shirt pocket or handheld.

Many people use them for tasks when video-proof can be helpful such as delivery or secret shopping. Many people find it useful for personal safety when entering a dangerous area. They are useful tools for interviewing, both to record them and to gain insight on their own interviewing skills. Victims of harassment often find that it is difficult to prove their case without video and that the detective pen provides the ideal tool to get justice.

A single click on the end of the pen powers the camera and starts recording. A single button pauses the recording, and long-press the button will turn it off. This type of pen often comes in different resolutions, 720p, 1080p.


4. Rxo Watch Vintage

Rxo Watch Vintage
(exam cheating gadgets)

the best watch in the world which is used for exam cheating to display text with the security. Easy to use cheat clock, Faster and more powerful interface.
A classic style watch and super slim, the most powerful document hides the viewer. its Displays WORD, PDF, TXT, and even scanned documents. its Supports over 5000 documents – More than 2000 A4 text pages – More than 1500 images –

  • Super-fast button emergency. Unlocking will be easier and faster just for you!
  • Magical dark screen, with sharpness and letter of ideal size.
  • It Displays all types of symbols and unlimited scientific formulas.
  • The internal battery lasts 2 weeks, rechargeable by USB.
  • Case and back cover are made of stainless steel chromed aluminum respectively.
  • Display of over 3000-pixel resolution.

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5. Spy Id card earpiece set.

Spy Id card earpiece set
(exam cheating gadgets)

last or not least that is exam cheating once you insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, the LCD display shows the network status such as network/battery/call status, etc., it will automatically pick-up any incoming call.
• Two-way secret communication via a mobile phone network
• Size 85 * 50 * 4.5mm
• About 4 hours of talk time, or 48 hours of standby time

how to use this spy id card earpiece set ?

1. First of all, prepare your spy display GSM ATM card by inserting an active GSM micro SIM card and slide the sliding button towards the charging port.

2. Press the power button for 2Sec, the device turns on, the LCD display is showing, the “on” spy display after powering on gives the GSM ATM card 1 minute to get the GSM network.

3. Hide spy display GSM ATM card under clothing within a radius of 50cm from the spy nano earpiece, you can choose to keep it in your shirt pocket or hide in the underarm using an elastic band.
4. Insert new battery for Spy Nano earpiece based on earpiece model.

5. Now, this can be done, you can use this exam cheating by any incoming turn your GSM SIM card is going to be auto answered and you’ll start taking note of your partner. although it’s hidden under your clothes.

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